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One of the more recent innovations to the services offered by the online bookmakers is that if you bet with any of the online bookmakers offering the Live Horse racing service you can watch the race you bet on live on your computer.

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Ascot Tote Placepot Results and Totepool Dividends

Totesport Placepot BetsPlacepot returns and tote dividends for Ascot racecourse. The toteplacepot returns for Ascot are updated after every meeting in our brand new horseracing results service.

Tote Placepot Results Archive - Ascot

Saturday, 10th August 201937.50
Saturday, 27th July 2019412.70
Friday, 26th July 2019113.20
Saturday, 13th July 2019117.60
Friday, 12th July 2019325.30
Saturday, 22nd June 201925.40
Friday, 21st June 2019173.50
Friday, 21st June 201946.30
Thursday, 20th June 2019353.30
Wednesday, 19th June 2019890.90
Tuesday, 18th June 2019520.60
Saturday, 11th May 2019276.90
Friday, 10th May 201927.10
Tuesday, 7th May 2019467.20
Wednesday, 1st May 201920.10
Sunday, 31st March 20191,364.10
Saturday, 16th February 2019285.10
Saturday, 19th January 201947.40
Saturday, 24th November 2018236.50
Friday, 23rd November 201822.90
Wednesday, 20th June 2018150.90
Tuesday, 19th June 20182,146.80
Saturday, 12th May 2018149.40
Friday, 11th May 20187.30
Wednesday, 2nd May 2018870.20
Sunday, 25th March 2018676.90
Saturday, 17th February 20182,315.90
Saturday, 20th January 201833.40
Saturday, 23rd December 201789.10
Friday, 22nd December 201775.00
Saturday, 25th November 2017237.10
Friday, 24th November 2017412.60
Saturday, 4th November 201767.20
Saturday, 21st October 201737.10
Saturday, 7th October 2017895.70
Saturday, 7th October 201732.20
Friday, 6th October 2017895.70
Saturday, 9th September 2017222.90
Friday, 8th September 20179.30
Saturday, 12th August 2017260.50
Saturday, 29th July 20173,244.40
Friday, 28th July 2017519.90
Saturday, 15th July 201728.30
Friday, 14th July 2017297.60
Saturday, 24th June 2017163.30
Friday, 23rd June 201749.40
Thursday, 22nd June 2017447.30
Wednesday, 21st June 2017156.90
Tuesday, 20th June 2017585.60
Friday, 12th May 201727.30
Wednesday, 3rd May 201770.90
Sunday, 2nd April 2017132.00
Saturday, 18th February 201776.00
Saturday, 17th December 2016144.50
Friday, 16th December 20161,267.40
Saturday, 19th November 201639.10
Friday, 18th November 201652.30
Saturday, 29th October 20161,230.10
Saturday, 15th October 2016230.90
Saturday, 1st October 2016110.10
Friday, 30th September 20167,215.20
Saturday, 3rd September 2016376.30
Friday, 2nd September 2016250.40
Saturday, 6th August 201681.20
Saturday, 23rd July 2016341.30
Friday, 22nd July 201656.90
Saturday, 9th July 201641.70
Friday, 8th July 2016152.60
Saturday, 18th June 20161,080.30
Friday, 17th June 20161,251.10
Thursday, 16th June 2016298.60
Wednesday, 15th June 2016165.00
Tuesday, 14th June 20161219.40
Saturday, 7th May 2016227.50
Friday, 6th May 2016897.00
Wednesday, 27th April 2016138.50
Sunday, 3rd April 2016141.30
Saturday, 20th February 2016171.70
Saturday, 23rd January 201669.10
Saturday, 19th December 2015498.00
Friday, 18th December 2015420.20
Saturday, 21st November 201532.10
Friday, 20th November 2015394.70
Saturday, 31st October 2015221.80
Saturday, 17th October 201572.90
Saturday, 3rd October 2015162.80
Friday, 2nd October 2015290.20
Saturday, 5th September 2015218.50
Friday, 4th September 20152,238.50
Saturday, 8th August 2015881.60
Saturday, 25th July 2015280.40
Friday, 24th July 2015167.50
Saturday, 11th July 201586.80
Friday, 10th July 20159.20
Saturday, 20th June 20154,385.10
Friday, 19th June 2015139.40
Friday, 19th June 2015139.40
Thursday, 18th June 2015122.50
Wednesday, 17th June 2015301.80
Tuesday, 16th June 2015174.80
Sunday, 10th May 2015997.90
Saturday, 9th May 2015218.90
Wednesday, 29th April 2015143.80
Sunday, 29th March 2015393.10
Saturday, 14th February 2015367.20
Saturday, 17th January 201534.60
Saturday, 20th December 201439.10
Friday, 19th December 201426.20
Saturday, 22nd November 2014157.40
Friday, 21st November 201475.40
Saturday, 1st November 2014131.80
Saturday, 18th October 2014435.80
Saturday, 4th October 2014351.30
Friday, 3rd October 201430.60
Saturday, 6th September 201468.60
Sunday, 27th July 2014130.90
Saturday, 26th July 2014930.30
Friday, 25th July 2014225.40
Saturday, 12th July 2014121.30
Friday, 11th July 201456.90
Saturday, 21st June 201438.40
Friday, 20th June 201484.20
Thursday, 19th June 20141376.60
Wednesday, 18th June 201486.70
Tuesday, 17th June 2014200.20
Saturday, 10th May 2014268.30
Friday, 9th May 201450.80
Wednesday, 30th April 201468.90
Sunday, 30th March 2014153.30
Saturday, 15th February 2014129.30
Saturday, 18th January 2014150.10
Saturday, 21st December 2013320.40
Friday, 20th December 201349.00
Saturday, 23rd November 201348.40
Saturday, 2nd November 2013333.00
Saturday, 5th October 20131,692.70
Friday, 4th October 2013120.00
Saturday, 7th September 20131,310.60
Saturday, 10th August 2013213.00
Sunday, 28th July 201346.00
Saturday, 27th July 20132,656.70
Friday, 26th July 201341.10
Saturday, 13th July 2013251.00
Friday, 12th July 201355.80
Saturday, 22nd June 2013844.90
Friday, 21st June 2013195.20
Thursday, 20th June 201363.00
Wednesday, 19th June 20135,559.90
Monday, 17th June 2013564.20
Saturday, 11th May 2013504.70
Friday, 10th May 2013175.90
Wednesday, 1st May 201358.90
Sunday, 7th April 20131,558.20
Saturday, 16th February 2013210.40
Saturday, 22nd December 2012318.50
Friday, 21st December 201263.30
Saturday, 24th November 20121,460.70
Friday, 23rd November 201245.40
Saturday, 20th October 2012123.90
Saturday, 6th October 2012393.30
Friday, 5th October 201272.60
Saturday, 8th September 20122,831.90
Saturday, 11th August 2012137.00
Saturday, 28th July 201292.70
Friday, 27th July 2012147.20
Sunday, 22nd July 201244.20
Saturday, 21st July 2012883.90
Friday, 20th July 201255.10
Saturday, 23rd June 2012508.40
Friday, 22nd June 2012257.60
Thursday, 21st June 20121,505.80
Wednesday, 20th June 20121,326.50
Tuesday, 19th June 2012872.90
Saturday, 21st January 201280.60
Saturday, 17th December 201136.30
Friday, 16th December 2011105.20
Saturday, 19th November 2011628.10
Friday, 18th November 201121.20
Saturday, 29th October 2011540.20
Saturday, 15th October 2011156.60
Saturday, 1st October 20116,491.40
Friday, 30th September 201148.90
Saturday, 3rd September 2011452.60
Saturday, 6th August 201139.90
Sunday, 24th July 2011332.70
Saturday, 23rd July 2011462.30
Friday, 22nd July 201124.70
Saturday, 9th July 201177.20
Friday, 8th July 20112,810.80
Saturday, 18th June 2011262.70
Friday, 17th June 20112,568.10
Thursday, 16th June 2011209.20
Wednesday, 15th June 2011393.10
Tuesday, 14th June 201140.20
Saturday, 7th May 2011453.00
Friday, 6th May 201117.90
Wednesday, 27th April 20117,943.20
Sunday, 10th April 20111,668.50
Saturday, 19th February 201156.00
Saturday, 22nd January 201118.50
Saturday, 20th November 2010174.30
Friday, 19th November 20109.90
Saturday, 30th October 2010541.30
Saturday, 9th October 20101,759.80
Sunday, 26th September 2010208.90
Saturday, 25th September 201040.70
Friday, 24th September 2010558.00
Saturday, 7th August 201050.10
Sunday, 25th July 2010381.90
Saturday, 24th July 2010627.80
Friday, 23rd July 2010473.20
Saturday, 10th July 201061.80
Friday, 9th July 20103,334.50
Saturday, 19th June 2010327.30
Friday, 18th June 2010613.50
Thursday, 17th June 20102,689.70
Wednesday, 16th June 2010129.60
Tuesday, 15th June 2010251.00
Saturday, 8th May 2010709.80
Wednesday, 28th April 2010583.90
Sunday, 18th April 2010442.30
Saturday, 20th February 201031.40
Saturday, 23rd January 2010480.30
Saturday, 21st November 2009200.70
Saturday, 31st October 200953.00
Saturday, 10th October 2009248.00
Monday, 28th September 20091,124.70
Saturday, 26th September 20098,069.50
Friday, 25th September 200952.20
Saturday, 8th August 2009597.60
Sunday, 26th July 200937.40
Saturday, 25th July 2009162.50
Friday, 24th July 200968.40
Saturday, 11th July 200931.40
Friday, 10th July 200972.60
Friday, 19th June 2009256.70
Thursday, 18th June 20093,521.10
Wednesday, 17th June 2009183.80
Tuesday, 16th June 20093,775.30
Saturday, 9th May 20094,085.30
Wednesday, 29th April 2009300.60
Friday, 27th March 200958.60
Saturday, 14th February 2009127.00
Saturday, 17th January 200910.10
Saturday, 20th December 2008123.00
Friday, 19th December 2008328.10
Saturday, 22nd November 2008181.80
Friday, 21st November 200829.60
Saturday, 1st November 2008687.60
Saturday, 11th October 20081,122.70
Sunday, 28th September 200884.50
Saturday, 27th September 2008145.40
Friday, 26th September 200867.30
Saturday, 9th August 2008417.60
Sunday, 27th July 2008104.20
Saturday, 26th July 20081,363.40
Friday, 25th July 200814.70
Saturday, 12th July 2008584.90
Friday, 11th July 20082,001.40
Saturday, 21st June 2008283.00
Friday, 20th June 20082,514.70
Thursday, 19th June 2008295.80
Wednesday, 18th June 20082,938.20
Tuesday, 17th June 200889.50
Saturday, 10th May 2008280.70
Wednesday, 30th April 2008117.30
Friday, 11th April 2008275.90
Saturday, 16th February 200841.90
Saturday, 19th January 2008153.10
Saturday, 22nd December 200791.60
Friday, 21st December 200718.70
Saturday, 24th November 2007168.00
Friday, 23rd November 200723.00
Saturday, 3rd November 200785.00
Saturday, 13th October 2007123.90
Sunday, 30th September 2007429.30
Saturday, 29th September 2007199.20
Friday, 28th September 2007169.40
Saturday, 11th August 2007140.30
Sunday, 29th July 20071,569.30
Saturday, 28th July 2007312.90
Friday, 27th July 20075,422.20

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Tote Jackpot Scoop6
There are a large amount of online betting sites now in the UK and all of the major bookmakers have their own horse racing service you can access on your PC. To attract your custom many of these bookies are offering free bets if you don't already have an account with them. All of these free offers can be used for betting on the tote placepot bet.

Tote Placepot Results and Dividends - 18th August
Tote Placepot Results Archive and Totepool Dividends
Online Totepool Quadpot Bets

Tote QuadpotThe tote Quadpot is similar to the tote placepot except that you are required to pick the placed horses in the four relevant races, which differs from the placepot where the requirement is to select the placed horses in the six placepot races. Therefore, it is a bit easier and the Quadpot is about selecting the placed horses in races 3 to 6 on the card.

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