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Newbury Tote Placepot Results and Totepool Dividends

Totesport Placepot BetsPlacepot returns and tote dividends for Newbury racecourse. The toteplacepot returns for Newbury are updated after every meeting in our brand new horseracing results service.

Tote Placepot Results Archive - Newbury

Saturday, 23rd September 20171,238.50
Saturday, 23rd September 201711.60
Saturday, 19th August 201719.70
Friday, 18th August 2017167.90
Thursday, 27th July 20172,336.20
Saturday, 22nd July 20171,013.40
Friday, 21st July 201712.90
Thursday, 13th July 2017170.50
Thursday, 6th July 201721,156.80
Thursday, 29th June 20172,782.90
Thursday, 15th June 2017285.40
Saturday, 20th May 2017131.40
Friday, 19th May 2017274.80
Saturday, 22nd April 201724.50
Friday, 21st April 201779.90
Saturday, 25th March 2017200.80
Friday, 24th March 20171,464.50
Saturday, 4th March 2017468.20
Friday, 3rd March 201737.50
Wednesday, 18th January 20175,155.70
Saturday, 31st December 20161,747.20
Wednesday, 14th December 201633.70
Saturday, 26th November 2016461.80
Friday, 25th November 2016229.40
Thursday, 3rd November 2016187.60
Thursday, 3rd November 2016187.60
Saturday, 22nd October 20161,034.30
Friday, 21st October 2016326.00
Friday, 30th September 201681.90
Saturday, 17th September 2016110.70
Friday, 16th September 2016824.20
Tuesday, 23rd August 2016207.40
Saturday, 13th August 201612.80
Friday, 12th August 2016117.50
Thursday, 21st July 201616.90
Saturday, 16th July 2016268.30
Friday, 15th July 20162,291.70
Thursday, 7th July 201637.40
Thursday, 30th June 201635.70
Thursday, 23rd June 2016281.00
Thursday, 9th June 2016426.60
Saturday, 14th May 2016403.70
Friday, 13th May 2016218.30
Saturday, 2nd April 201647.20
Friday, 1st April 2016239.10
Saturday, 5th March 2016421.70
Friday, 4th March 201645.60
Saturday, 13th February 2016601.30
Tuesday, 29th December 201529.10
Wednesday, 16th December 201524.10
Saturday, 28th November 2015375,60
Friday, 27th November 201571.90
Thursday, 26th November 2015108.80
Saturday, 24th October 201581.30
Friday, 23rd October 2015676.10
Saturday, 19th September 201542.10
Friday, 18th September 20158.50
Tuesday, 25th August 2015305.90
Saturday, 15th August 201510,656.40
Friday, 14th August 2015402.30
Thursday, 23rd July 2015271.50
Saturday, 18th July 20153,335.60
Friday, 17th July 2015105.90
Thursday, 9th July 2015225.80
Thursday, 2nd July 20152,73.90
Thursday, 25th June 201569.00
Thursday, 11th June 2015861.30
Saturday, 16th May 2015134.40
Friday, 15th May 201566.90
Saturday, 18th April 201545.50
Friday, 17th April 201592.20
Thursday, 26th March 201571.30
Saturday, 21st March 201512.80
Friday, 20th March 201563.90
Saturday, 28th February 201583.40
Friday, 27th February 2015110.20
Saturday, 7th February 2015668.30
Wednesday, 14th January 201566.20
Monday, 29th December 20141342.20
Wednesday, 17th December 2014571.20
Friday, 28th November 2014191.20
Thursday, 27th November 201427.60
Saturday, 25th October 2014799.30
Friday, 24th October 2014256.30
Saturday, 16th August 201468.60
Friday, 15th August 201430.50
Sunday, 3rd August 201473.10
Saturday, 19th July 2014196.30
Friday, 18th July 201441.30
Thursday, 3rd July 2014391.00
Tuesday, 24th June 201415.70
Thursday, 12th June 201420.20
Saturday, 31st May 2014909.50
Saturday, 17th May 2014114.00
Friday, 16th May 201464.60
Saturday, 12th April 201419.00
Saturday, 22nd March 201417.70
Friday, 21st March 201424.50
Saturday, 1st March 2014949.60
Friday, 28th February 2014210.90
Saturday, 8th February 201448.10
Wednesday, 15th January 20146.80
Wednesday, 18th December 201356.00
Saturday, 30th November 20133,628.70
Friday, 29th November 201381.60
Thursday, 28th November 201333.10
Saturday, 21st September 2013407.80
Friday, 20th September 201310.60
Saturday, 17th August 201330.50
Friday, 16th August 2013104.00
Sunday, 4th August 201338.80
Saturday, 20th July 201363.40
Friday, 19th July 2013333.80
Thursday, 4th July 201342.10
Tuesday, 25th June 2013150.30
Thursday, 13th June 2013173.50
Saturday, 8th June 201334.10
Saturday, 18th May 2013202.90
Friday, 17th May 201354.50
Saturday, 20th April 201347.90
Friday, 19th April 201314,920.30
Friday, 22nd March 2013439.60
Saturday, 2nd March 2013629.40
Friday, 1st March 201366.80
Saturday, 9th February 201312.10
Wednesday, 16th January 201313.80
Saturday, 29th December 201218.70
Wednesday, 19th December 201211.60
Saturday, 1st December 201232.90
Friday, 30th November 201216.60
Thursday, 29th November 2012398.20
Saturday, 27th October 20121,224.80
Friday, 26th October 2012160.70
Saturday, 22nd September 2012169.40
Friday, 21st September 201216.60
Saturday, 18th August 201223.00
Friday, 17th August 2012848.50
Sunday, 5th August 2012112.30
Saturday, 14th July 2012557.40
Friday, 13th July 2012353.00
Thursday, 5th July 2012218.40
Tuesday, 26th June 20122,190.00
Friday, 17th February 2012£19.90
Wednesday, 18th January 2012£1,857.20
Saturday, 31st December 2011£53.60
Wednesday, 14th December 2011£12.70
Saturday, 26th November 2011£118.60
Friday, 25th November 2011£29.80
Thursday, 24th November 2011£125.00
Saturday, 22nd October 2011£8.80
Friday, 21st October 2011£320.00
Saturday, 17th September 2011£253.20
Friday, 16th September 2011£12.70
Saturday, 13th August 2011£547.80
Friday, 12th August 2011£201.10
Sunday, 31st July 2011£62.10
Saturday, 16th July 2011£203.70
Friday, 15th July 2011£25.90
Friday, 8th July 2011£11,004.10
Thursday, 30th June 2011£128.80
Tuesday, 21st June 2011£104.10
Thursday, 9th June 2011£10.80
Saturday, 21st May 2011£1,050.80
Saturday, 14th May 2011£27.20
Friday, 13th May 2011£16.20
Saturday, 16th April 2011£2,181.70
Friday, 15th April 2011£50.00
Saturday, 26th March 2011£1,608.10
Friday, 25th March 2011£378.50
Saturday, 5th March 2011£346.20
Friday, 4th March 2011£183.80
Thursday, 17th February 2011£281.10
Wednesday, 19th January 2011£32.00
Wednesday, 29th December 2010£74.60
Wednesday, 15th December 2010£190.00
Saturday, 27th November 2010£69.40
Friday, 26th November 2010£270.00
Thursday, 25th November 2010£268.90
Saturday, 23rd October 2010£21.70
Thursday, 7th October 2010£159.00
Tuesday, 28th September 2010£715.20
Saturday, 18th September 2010£74.20
Friday, 17th September 2010£27.50
Saturday, 14th August 2010£274.30
Friday, 13th August 2010£34.80
Sunday, 1st August 2010£135.80
Saturday, 17th July 2010£1,358.40
Friday, 16th July 2010£58.00
Friday, 9th July 2010£1,768.30
Thursday, 1st July 2010£67.60
Tuesday, 22nd June 2010£67.70
Thursday, 10th June 2010£94.60
Saturday, 15th May 2010£52.20
Friday, 14th May 2010£18.00
Saturday, 17th April 2010£260.70
Friday, 16th April 2010£31.30
Saturday, 27th March 2010£141.90
Friday, 26th March 2010£309.80
Saturday, 6th March 2010£201.50
Friday, 5th March 2010£157.20
Saturday, 13th February 2010£109.60
Tuesday, 29th December 2009£9.70
Wednesday, 16th December 2009£106.50
Saturday, 28th November 2009£34.90
Friday, 27th November 2009£15.80
Thursday, 26th November 2009£166.60
Saturday, 24th October 2009£29,510
Thursday, 8th October 2009£262.70
Saturday, 19th September 2009£76.70
Friday, 18th September 2009£476.70
Saturday, 15th August 2009£328.50
Friday, 14th August 2009£8.90
Sunday, 2nd August 2009£83.50
Saturday, 18th July 2009£45.30
Friday, 17th July 2009£1,872.00
Friday, 10th July 2009£51.60
Thursday, 2nd July 2009£17.20
Tuesday, 23rd June 2009£314.70
Thursday, 11th June 2009£22.80
Saturday, 30th May 2009£17,824.50
Saturday, 16th May 2009£42.70
Friday, 15th May 2009£6.50
Saturday, 18th April 2009£771.30
Friday, 17th April 2009£224.00
Saturday, 21st March 2009£36.10
Friday, 20th March 2009£30.90
Saturday, 28th February 2009£117.90
Friday, 27th February 2009£5.60
Wednesday, 14th January 2009£30.90
Monday, 29th December 2008£31.40
Wednesday, 17th December 2008£98.80
Saturday, 29th November 2008£112.00
Friday, 28th November 2008£73.00
Thursday, 27th November 2008£37.80
Saturday, 25th October 2008£1,181.30
Thursday, 9th October 2008£52.70
Saturday, 20th September 2008£66.80
Friday, 19th September 2008£75.40
Friday, 22nd August 2008£1,524.80
Saturday, 16th August 2008£75.60
Friday, 15th August 2008£1,302.50
Sunday, 3rd August 2008£196.90
Saturday, 19th July 2008£248.70
Friday, 18th July 2008£74.30
Friday, 11th July 2008£1,189.70
Thursday, 3rd July 2008£26.70
Tuesday, 24th June 2008£171.10
Thursday, 12th June 2008£129.50
Saturday, 31st May 2008£177.00
Saturday, 17th May 2008£96.20
Friday, 16th May 2008£62.80
Friday, 16th May 2008£206.40
Saturday, 19th April 2008£5,944.00
Friday, 18th April 2008£92.80
Saturday, 12th April 2008£64.80
Saturday, 29th March 2008£566.30
Friday, 28th March 2008£408.10
Saturday, 1st March 2008£57.00
Friday, 29th February 2008£3,018.60
Saturday, 9th February 2008£223.00
Friday, 25th January 2008£847.70
Saturday, 29th December 2007£21.70
Wednesday, 19th December 2007£87.90
Sunday, 2nd December 2007£47.40
Saturday, 1st December 2007£317.00
Friday, 30th November 2007£72.30
Saturday, 27th October 2007£287.50
Thursday, 11th October 2007£68.30
Saturday, 22nd September 2007£40.90
Friday, 21st September 2007£93.90
Friday, 24th August 2007£37,034.20
Saturday, 18th August 2007£80.90
Friday, 17th August 2007£2,101.10
Sunday, 5th August 2007£48.90

Free Tote Placepot Bets

Tote Jackpot Scoop6
There are a large amount of online betting sites now in the UK and all of the major bookmakers have their own horse racing service you can access on your PC. To attract your custom many of these bookies are offering free bets if you don't already have an account with them. All of these free offers can be used for betting on the tote placepot bet.

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Totesport Free BetOpen an account with Totesport and you can claim a free bet of 10 on any horse racing or sports events. Deposit, place your first bet and Totesport will match this with a free bet to the same value - up to a maximum of 10 per account.

Tote Placepot Results and Dividends - 30th October
Tote Placepot Results Archive and Totepool Dividends
Online Totepool Quadpot Bets

Tote QuadpotThe tote Quadpot is similar to the tote placepot except that you are required to pick the placed horses in the four relevant races, which differs from the placepot where the requirement is to select the placed horses in the six placepot races. Therefore, it is a bit easier and the Quadpot is about selecting the placed horses in races 3 to 6 on the card.

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